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Royal Watch


Give it the flick
And now she's wearing a chenille bedspread, while Melania carries the 'f*️*️*️ you useless husband Diana dress batton'.


Battle with monsters, lest ye become a monster
So Harry met them, was nasty Meghan there? Or did she need to stay with the baby? The actual baby.


Well-Known Member
The Trump visit...

Tiffany looks fat, while the other two look like they’re wearing the White House curtains and tablecloths... the men just look like the vampires they are, especially Lestat...errr...Eric.

Looking out of Buckingham Palace windows... creepy or what?

Love Catherine's dress. Looks like lacy candlewick. Yes, creepy Trumpettes. I do like Ivanka's unusual blue dress. Great colour and the shirtwaister look is cool. Theresa May looks defeated.