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Hooray for Press Gang!
Blame the movie studios for that... they demand a certain amount of money for a cinema chain to play a movie... then after that the cinema needs to make a profit.... why do you think it's like $20 for popcorn?
I will blame the movie studios. But what you said makes perfect sense. I don't buy popcoorn anway, so that doesn't concern me.

On a slightly different note, I'll rant against torture, especially CIA-sanctioned torture. Just horrible.


Hooray for Press Gang!
I'm sorry but anybody who buys that overpriced junk they sell at the cinemas has rocks in their heads. Seriously, why would let yourself be ripped off like that? lol *smh*

I bring my own shit thank you very much and they can do not a damn thing about it. :)
Do they check your bag or anything you are carrying when you go into the cinemas? Because they do that at a couple of cinemas that I have been at.


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It's starting to thunder badly here, so that means lightning is a coming. Heading off for a while. Be kind to each other.xx


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I get discounted $14 tickets from my local newsagency or if you buy a pack of 10 the price averages out to $10.
You can buy movie tix at a newsagent?

I wouldn't buy a 10-pack though, going to the cinema... I'd rather go to the dentist. The only time I watch a movie in a theatre is if it would really benefit from the big screen, i.e. sci fi, LOTR/Hobbit etc

All those idiots with their phones turned on, texting and *answering calls*, munching loudly on their overpriced junk food, in air conditioning that is set to 12C. Meh.


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I had the misfortune to go to that over-priced empty factory warehouse, DJ's the other day and walked past the Kardashian Kollection Bags! They offended me even to the point of turning the epic mess over on the next display stand of over-priced perfume/moisturiser gift packs.


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It's a really good EP too. Some dude telling Sonny about "Aboriginal Leprechauns" and Skippy's giving the old dude the stinkeye. Skip know he's full of shit, even if Sonny is yet to cotton on!

I will record it for you and send you a copy. It's Skippy GOLD!!:thumbsup:
Hilarious. Yes please. I was laughing so much at work that I had to read out your comment. They started giggling too.