R U OK Support Thread


Thanks so much @qtkt, I like all of us here have been waiting and hoping for an update but didn't want to ask, you have your own life too, so it's wonderful that you are doing this for us all.

The seriousness of Mr Sticky's condition is really only just hitting me. Because we've been spoiled in the past by how well he bounces back, I keep expecting to see him back posting his enthusiastic comments on the forum. That will happen I'm sure, but we shall have to be patient while his stubborn body catches up with his mind and indomitable spirit.


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Unfortunately, I don't have direct contact with Mr or Mrs Sticky. His daughter is the one I'm talking to. She lives two hours away from the hospital, so doesn't see him every day. I'm loathe to ring her too often, but she always seems happy to receive my call and generous with her updates. I'm aiming for weekly updates.
Very grateful for the updates @qtkt
Is there an address where we could all send cards?
Love you and miss you heaps @Mr Stickyfingers , and best wishes to Mrs Sticky and the whole family, hope the ill brother and sister are doing as well as can be expected.
I was thinking of a card too. I thought just one though with all our names. I thought flowers but they get chucked out after a couple of days.

Lots of Love to you Sticky. And to Mrs. Sticky. XX


If someone would be good enough to organise a card & flowers for Mr & Mrs Stickyfingers, and write the names (usernames) of those who are interested, I'd be happy to chip in a few bucks on PayPal or whatever.



you can send fruit baskets, or indulgent chocolates/treat baskets......... I would want talking books

I imagine Sticky would like one of these:) They only cost $254