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Scalp collector
I often sing @MADONNA's song "What It Feels Like For A Girl" as "What It Feels Like For A Gay".





Coffee, right meow
I hear ya sister! I'd like to look at them in other peoples places.

Haha the postage stamp Queen, I'm sure you could make it work! You are the queen after all.


My favourite subject, words:)
They got it wrong though.
Terrific - means huge. Have you ever heard it used to mean terrifying? Not common in aus or uk, may usa?

Travesty - you tend to bend it into tragedy, that is human. We bend it because it is often used in tragic circumstances.
EG Islamic state is a travesty of any sense of true religion or true democracy - resulting in tragedy.
And both words relay a kind of shock and awe in humans to horror & injustice, a common phrase being a travesty of justice.

Words do change meanings over time - only terrific and travesty on that list are a bit in flux.

I mean, common usage of terrific is now acceptable as praise for something, not even an English teacher is likely to correct you for that.
We have bent the proper meaning from something huge/enormous literally to a big emotion, a terrific time we had.

Oxford the word bible, accepts all 3.
size, amount, or intensity:there was a terrific bang
excellent:it’s been such a terrific dayyou look terrific
Causing terror:his body presented a terrific emblem of death


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No self respecting shark would swim in Melbourne's very average bay.
They seem to like the holiday spots.....

@kxk ^Which is fine by me :)
On a positive note there has been a substantial increase of dolphins and seals coming by lately.
(think you sort of know where I am).
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@kxk ^Which is fine by me :)
On a positive note there has been a substantial increase of dolphins and seals coming by lately.
(think you sort of know where I am).
I know where you are :)
And I know our bay beaches are good these days, some spots are suss - you wouldn't get me in the water nearer the city.
And the rocky spots,places like Mentone & Beauie are gross, collect filth.
I like an ocean beach and pools better though.


I have a query people, help -
<<<<MY DJ<over there, has a gig...

What happens in clubs with daylight savings?
Do they even bother to turn the clocks forward?
We don't know if he should go at 5.30 or 6.30 - so he's just going the earlier time.

But has anyone experienced what goes down during daylight saving night at a club?
Do they announce hey everyone, you just time travelled?

And something interesting - here watch a volcano erupt from inside, Iceland