Post BB Housemate Antics - Part 4

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...I just laughed my guts out when they called Skye this...

..."The social media influencer munched her way through several hash browns, but became enraged when she unwrapped her McMuffin and realised what was inside"...

...seriously... them calling Skye this made me chuckle out loud lol!... I hope that she puts that on her resume' when she actually applies for a REAL job one day... (yes I know... that's not likely to happen is it?) would make her potential new boss have convulsions of laughter methinks!... what a load of guff!... anyway... each time each and every one of us write a post on these threads means that we could be regarded as being 'social media influencers' when you think of it... so what's with that big fanciful title then?... jeez this is a sad world sometimes... cheers.

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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'We get so worried about being pretty': Former Big Brother star Tully Smyth becomes the latest celebrity to SLAM Love Island Australia claiming it emphasises superficial appearancesty

...oh my gawd!... Tully says "we get so worried about being pretty blah blah blah!"... um... Tully... you have to be pretty on the inside aswell as on the outside to be even remotely deemed as 'being pretty' sweetheart... until such time that you balance the two out perhaps you should stop beating yourself up to a higher standard that you give yourself credit for dear girl... it's quite ironic that she and Georgia are now biting the hands that fed them at one time and gave them a 'career' in being 'social media leaches'... oopsies!... I mean 'social media influencers' of today... surely they cannot be THAT desperate enough to resort to having to do this to stay 'relevant' nowadays?... hahaha!... I'm being silly now aren't I?... cheers.

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an old fart that rants at times...
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...oh wow!... now Skye has at least another 17-18 years of being a 'social media influencer' out of being pregnant!... way to go Skye!... what a brilliant game plan that you have thought up to stay 'relevant'... I can see it now... Women's Weekly and New Idea will be fighting tooth and claw to get the first baby happy snap I can really see it!... and people think that Skye is stupid!... lol!... cheers.

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an old fart that rants at times...
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Goddammit now I have barbie girl in my head.... I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world, life is plastic, its fantastic....

Me too now, it's an earworm.

Come on Barbie let's go party.

...haha!...sorry Isee and Meglos... you are both great friends to me but that utter bastard of a kid in me just HAS to post this... I tried to resist it but the inner evil little sod in me won and made me post this... sorry in advance my friends... :frown::shy::sick::sorry::sneaky::smile::biggrin:cheers.



Somehow I Still Believe
If a girl who looks like tully can't find a relationship she has no one to blame but herself.



Channel 10 appear to be trying anything. Flinging all kinds of crap out there....


I'm pretty sure having Kyle back on tv is one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Kyle is a known killer of TV, everything he touches turns to dump it fast, same with his cohort Jackie
The radio success seems to be currency to try to push them on us.......and we REJECT them wholeheartedly

The trial thing is clearly being set up for any old RTV trash to argue in public....
There will be no legit stuff, for there is nothing "legal" about this show

They have tried previously to set up Judge Judy type shows here, they were underwhelmed with 2 applications
Same with Jerry Springer imitations.....ordinary Aussies are not so keen to air their dirty laundry publicly

If they really want to make interesting semi legal type shows, they should spend a day at free legal services, and lower courts
Lots of whakos and disputes they could use and abuse if they really wanted to