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Post BB Housemate Antics - Part 3

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Bye bye LA nice day spent at Santa Monica with my baby @daffidreynolds


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Oh BBAU I looked to you for BB excitement. BBUS has gotten dull and I was told go down under ... And I was thrilled... What will 2015 bring?


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I want to know who the hell this KurtColeman is and why he is a "thing'?:unsure: Also if he's a "thing" why the hell doesn't Jake do "duckface" like KurtColeman does? One closed lippy selfie would be a nice change. *stink eye at Jake*:shifty:

'I definitely love being this dark!' Kurt Coleman is almost unrecognisable after his most recent fake tan session ahead of his Bondi Beach meet and greet with fans
By Marni Dixit for Daily Mail Australia

Published: 23:17 AEST, 6 December 2014 | Updated: 01:49 AEST, 7 December 2014

  • He's the self-proclaimed Paris Hilton of Australia and Kurt Coleman has uploaded yet another selfie, this time of his most recent fake tan session on Saturday.

    In the photo Kurt is seen shirtless and looking a few shades darker than he was earlier this week, wearing a shower cap to protect his hair.

    The 17-year-old Gold Coast teen captioned the shot the shot: 'I definitely love being this dark.'

    Scroll down for video

    Is that you, Kurt? Internet sensation, Kurt Coleman, posted this selfie after getting fake tanned on Saturday

    The tan won't come as a surprise to his loyal fans with Kurt posting a similar shot on Friday of himself showing off his tan lines saying: 'Ohh... I like to be dark,' adding: 'Can't wait to get a spray tan tomorrow.'

    The selfie-obsessed teenager most likely wanted to make sure he was looking his best for his meet and greet with fans on Bondi Beach on Sunday.

    Taking to Instagram, he spoke about how excited he was to meet all his fans at the beach saying: 'Can't wait to meet you sexy b*****s!'

    The Internet sensation spoke to Daily Mail Australia about the details of his new T-shirt line last month.

    Before: Earlier in the week, Kurt looked completely different, pictured here at the Love is Now premiere in Sydney on Tuesday

    'I want to share my experience with my fans,' he said of his longtime dream to design his own clothing range.

    Emblazoned with his own face, inspirational messages and his signature Perf Like Kurt hashtag, for now Kurt has released just one T-shirt with promises of more to come.

    'I'll bring out my shirts first and then next year I'm going to be expanding it and bringing out other stuff, and definitely I'll bring out spray tans. I plan to expand my brand more and more as time goes on.'

    Loves to fake tan: Kurt uploaded this photo on Friday saying: 'Ohh... I like to be dark,' adding: 'Can't wait to get a spray tan tomorrow'

    Instagram celebrity Kurt Coleman tells why he's self-obsessed

    The expansion of the Kurt Coleman brand could also see the Gold Coast teen front his own TV show.

    'Eventually I'll have my own show. I've been talking to producers here and there, and it'll be a reality show about me, you know, not going without spray tans and trying to earn money the hard way,' he revealed to DMA.

    A similar concept to Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's The Simple Life: 'It'll just be me being funny and trying to get through life.'

    'Spray tan addict': Kurt often posts photos for his followers showing off his tan lines like this shot posted in November

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbi...ondi-Beach-meet-greet-fans.html#ixzz3MbrtKuxo


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'I definitely love being this dark!' Kurt Coleman is almost unrecognisable after his most recent fake tan session ahead of his Bondi Beach meet and greet with fans

Classic reason why social media will be the downfall of civilization as we know it.
This decade's Cory Worthington.
I do love my fit flex. They are close

You lot renamed them? LOL


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21 minutes ago · North Shore, Oahu, Hawai'i
This place is truly special. Snorkeled with a cheeky green turtle then a little sunset trail run to settle into the Oahu vibe.



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Hello nutters.

Hey Gemma put up a nursing Christmas meme and one of you posted it in here and I remember really liking it. It was an old fashioned looking pic.

Can you help a sister out and link me to it?

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