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Nikki Grahame has died

BB7 winner Pete on Instagram - heartbreaking:

And fellow housemate Glyn:

Host Davina:

BOTS host Rylan:

BB Canada host Arisa Cox (Nikki was a housemate on their 4th season)
Oh that's incredibly sad, she was the absolute star of her season. I still have little sound files I grabbed from her season of her, Pete and others, which I used as Windows system event sounds. My computer would randomly complain "It's driving me barmy - it's driving me absolutely barmy!"

But right now "I'm feeling very upset". 😥 RIP Nikki.
Tim Dormer has also paid tribute.

Tim Dormer has also paid tribute.

Oh that is lovely, and great photos too.
Wow I am truely devastated and completely shocked. This is so disheartening for the big brother community and her family especially. Anorexia is truly horrible and it is completely devastating and unfair that this has happened to someone so young and legendary as Nikki Grahame ❤️ May she Rest In Peace and be forever remembered.

She was obviously beyond help.
I can’t imagine there wasn’t something that could have been done much sooner. I don’t think we should speculate too much as we have no idea what help she was getting prior to the GoFundMe campaign. However I can’t help but feel that had it happened sooner she’d have recovered.
I don’t think her impressions ever made it to the show but her impression of Raul has to be one of my all time favourites...

I wish I could find the full version of this as they also do an impression of his eviction...

Her Maddy and Cassandra are also pretty spot on too...

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BB Canada now added a tribute gallery to their website and will pay tribute to her on the show.

I assume she is the first housemate to feature on the Canadian version to die.
I won’t be surprised if a network in the UK commissions a tribute documentary soon, similar to the one made for Jade Goody, celebrating Nikki. I imagine it could also serve as an awareness for the effects of a condition like anorexia, too.
Yes, I'm sure C4 or C5 will. Probably won't air for a few months, maybe even a year, but I'd be surprised if it doesn't happen.