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Melbourne Cup...

Heading to the TAB this morning before I go off to my exam. I'm more of a low-roller cards guy when it comes to gambling, but the Melbourne Cup is the one sports event per year that I'll actually bet on.

Thinking I'll go $5 each way on Fawkner and $5 each way on Mutual Regard. Maximum payout of ~$84 (~$64 win); ~$29 if both place (~$9 win).
I'm off soon to put my bets on and get some exercise by walking the 20 minutes each way. It's the only race I wager on too unless I'm working on the day. Haven't made my final decisions re which horsies.
I think the screens came out for the favourite but he's in his stall now. Hopefully all will be well. I hate the screens. Had them at Mornington in front of me years ago and I was in tears. My more race experienced boyfriend was rather dismissive. Oh, just heard that the favourite had died. Very sad. Very, very sad. Not destroyed but collapsed and died.
Any gamblers here?

Have just finished comprehensive analysis :wink: and have decided on Who Shot Thebarman. He's Kiwi like me, has a great win record, isn't carrying too much weight and fixed odds have him at $16 for the win, versus already $11 on the tote, so potential CA-CHING if he does it!

Who's everyone going or am I a sole voice of Racing Fan... (My families history dictates I must follow racing, so have TAB account, and flutter once a month or so)... :blackalien:
I got 12 on place. Well done. Sad re the favourite. Something was very wrong as it ran last. Very wrong. Probably knew but of course couldn't say so.