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Masterchef 2023 - Series discussion

Masterchef with 614k for the finale and 698k for the winner announcement. About what I expected for such a predictable season, one thing is for sure Masterchef is no longer the juggernaut it used to be. The increase in ratings in 2020 and 2021 appears to be just a blip due to the Covid lockdowns.
Yeah I think COVID plus all the favourites coming back and the new judges in 2020 really got people watching and it was a very good season even if I would have preferred anyone else who went deep to win. I guess people stuck around in 2021 but the inbalance between fans and favs was a bit unfair in 2022 and then this season seemed like the overall quality was just lower than most years which made it all a bit meh.
Ooh interesting!
Mel Is out 😕
(cough) at the risk of being accused of jacking a thread
replacing Zock is like the loss of Len Goodman in Dancing USA/UK
so I'm sure it was both a business as well as Melissa's choice not to return. Zock was truly a bigger than life personality especially for one so young.
Cheers! lol
here's a video from our Dancing w/the Stars which I love & just a few days old to complete my usual non sequitur but at least to me analogous posts