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Masterchef 2020


I felt for Laura burning her hand, but the rest was kind of inevitable.

With an open pantry and the option to cook your dream meal, it does make me wonder if they are guided into choosing native ingredients and fine dining dishes featuring not-very-delicious sounding ingredients like Davidson plums and jerusalem artichokes, that you would never order in a million years.


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Yeah it was an odd finale, beyond the fact that Emelia had been leaked as the winner a long way back. It's like even the people in the show had heard in advance who was going to win.

I'm a bit concerned how the show veered hard from the eclectic styles earlier on towards 'fine dining' over the last few weeks. It may be due to the fact that this back-to-win competition came down to the most experienced restaurant chefs, but I hope that it doesn't represent the future under these judges.


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During the back end of the show, when Covid 19 started & they couldn't hug etc, I found it stupid, as the were locked down & none of them could leave the MC bubble.

I read after a contestant left in the car, they were taken to the apartments where they were all staying to pick up their belongings. Where I am sure hugging etc happened.

For a final the meals didn't seem final worthy. I compare it to us cooking 2 minute noodles & having a scoop of ice cream & saying that is fine dining.