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Masterchef 2020


None of my faves were in the bottom 5 apart from Khanh, so it was relatively stress-free
Tracey and Emelia seemed like easy boots as they are really the only ones left who haven't been given a big personality edit..


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Would be great if they bought back John Carasig as guest judge for the relay.


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Impressed with turbo-charged Jess and calm Callum dealing with Poh's aftermath, and Brendan replacing Khanh's overcooked octopus with prawns.


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It's like Jess is on fast-forward sometimes. Must be good to be 21.
She's a little pocket rocket, I really like her, I did the first time around in her season. My partner reckons she's like a cartoon character!


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Last night when she has a go at Reece about the fish etc.

Her attitude sucks.

I didn't like it last week when Sarah T was upset and had difficulty speaking, and Laura responded to that with something along the lines of "Ok well I'm just gonna go hug everyone else". Like... she could have expressed that in a nicer way, e.g. "I'll give you a moment and I'll come back and check on you later, ok?" Because the way she said it felt like "well, you're clearly inconsolable so I'm just gonna abandon you." Ugh. If was already upset, hearing someone said what she did would make me feel even more awful.


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That was interesting watching the start of social distancing on the show. No more hugging the ones who are leaving 😢
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These challenges IMO, are ridiculous

FFS: There are over 70 steps to it.


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Amelia is smoking this ...
And here comes Reynold ....
Ooh Khahn ran into problems ....