Masterchef 2019

The more Matt's waistline expands, the more garish and loud his attire becomes....tonight's combo....dark jacket with a ridiculous pair of yellow striped curtains, designed to minimise Custard Gut.

Sorry, forgot that it's a food show....
Missing Shannon big time. Were they cutting budgets, or is he traumatised post marriage split?

Neither Billie, nor Poh with her new lego hair, are doing it for me.

Oh god. He has tweezers.


Can't believe the way they made excuses for Macgyver stuffing up her eggs. But she is this season's Tamara, she can do no wrong.

😥 @ Custard angels.


Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster
To be completely honest I think fatigue is really setting in for Masterchef this year. I’ve been a loyal viewer of this show for years but I can even admit I’m tired of the same old same old each year. At least with other shows like big brother and biggest loser and even I’m a celebrity each year despite the format being changed they still vary the number of contestants or eliminations or even just add something quirky to give the audience a bit of a buzz (e.g housemates choice eviction or the Fitzroy island twist on TBL). Masterchef however has played it safe in terms of its structure. After 3 majorly successful seasons and 1 mediocre from the 2009-2012 seasons, Masterchef butchered the format for series 5 and it didn’t work, they gave us something old yet something new for 6-10 and it proved to work. But this is now the 6th year of this semi-new style “ordinary people extraordinary food” however it’s old now and stale. Masterchef either needs to really jazz things up whilst still maintaining authenticity or accept that it’s ran its race and it may be time to end. However in saying that, Masterchef still is TEN’s highest rating show and is arguably its most successful since big brother. So I have absolutely no idea what 10 would do without it.
I agree it’s become a bit too same old thing and a bit too pedestrian. They went too far with the gimmicks and had to pull it back o basics, now they should loosen it up a bit, find a few new types of challenges. Don’t think it’d be axed though, the show gets sold to a lot of countries, so it’s effectively subsidised for us.


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Just watching last night's ep now. Steph is annoying me from the start. Nice to see one so confident finally realising out isn't that ready.
Kyle to me is a good captain. Steph think is she's better than the rest.


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
Under cooked both teams. Not such a good performance this year. Good to see normal home cooks again. Just how it started out!