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Masterchef 2019

Dennis Haikalis

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Such a shame to see negative comments towards Tessa already! To me she’s clearly showing top notch skills as an amateur cook. so level headed and works brialiiantly under stress, knew exactly what she was gonna cook and delivered what she promised! I predict she’ll easily make top 10 and will hopefully make it to the finals week/top 5-6 range. It’s a really likeable cast overall tho I can’t pick someone I dislike yet! Only thing that is disappointing me is the ratings. 600,000+ for the past 3 episodes, this is what happened in 2013 which was unliked even by the judges. I’m hoping that either when LEGO masters finishes up next week it will be able to lift in viewers, or it’s timeshifted viewers will hopefully be massive.


Battle with monsters, lest ye become a monster
Evening all.

Skipped the group challenge last night, too much stress. Looks like I wasn’t alone.

At least they’ve come up with a novel challenge for once.


Battle with monsters, lest ye become a monster
Got through on a banana, ok.

Kyle should get through, working with chillies.


I watched last night but skipped the Masterclass tonight, so boring.

I'm glad Derek got through the first round.


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Good recovery from Kyle last night, thought he was a goner before he got the curry sauce thing right.
The girl they sent home, didn't even know her name.
When I saw Poh was on the Masterclass, I changed channels, can't stand her and the babyish smiles she puts on


Give it the flick
"I don't think I'll get tasted" if there's too much sugar in my pie...BECAUSE the sugar overdose will make it look like a



I think, therefore I am, I think ...
What a cop out, Captain Abbey. Pass the problem along because you couldn't think of a dish. Lazy as...irresponsible.
Yes that wasn't very good.
I nodded off and woke up at that bit so have started from the beginning again. Did the gardening today. Didn't know I was that tired! 😁


Give it the flick
Nigella's looking pretty good considering her 59 years. Although it did seem at the start as though she'd surrounded herself with a cyclone-fenced, no-go area for the camera people.....her almost white pancaking reflects a lot of light too.