Masterchef 2012


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^^^I never thought of that :eek: surely eating raw fish isn't like eating raw chicken is it?

Also another thing I found puzzling, it was supposed to be their "signature dish" yet they nearly all mentioned not having cooked used this food/recipe/technique before.


That's exactly what I was going to say Wynter.

The thing that really annoyed me was that they talked about Julia and the techniques etc that she used, and yes she ran out of time. Then they talked about Mindy and all the techniques etc that she had used, but then boot her out because of the raw fish. Also talked about Audra and how she really hadn't done enough.

I would have chosen Audra to go over Mindy.


I was sure Audra was going to go too, Cookie. It seemed the logical choice from what they had said about them. And Eliza, raw fish is not like raw chicken. If it was there would be no sushi or sushi-mi. They could have tasted the cooked edges of Mindy's dish, it just seems they chose not too.

I agree about the signature dish too Eliza. I thought a signature dish is one that they always cook and that they are known that people associate with them and ask for. It makes no sense that what they call a signature dish is one that they'd never cooked before. There's nothing signature about that.


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I'd like to know on what planet Julia's dish even comes close to resembling a 3 hat dish let alone actually being one!! You could barely scrape it off the plate thee was so little of it, and it was the same as every other dish she ever does; ice cream, berry stuff and pastry AND she burnt her friggin pastry AGAIN. I am sooooo mad.

Andy better win this mother!


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Yeah that was a bit dodgy, they all had an hour and a half and what they all presented was nothing! Especially Audra who somehow couldn't make 3 sauces in that time? And how can Mindy's fish not be cooked? it was seared in a pan and in the oven for 20 mins. Either it was planned beforehand that Mindy would be the shock elimination? or Mindy deliberately stuffed it up because she didn't want to be contracted under Ten as Masterchef considering she only wants to open up a wine bar? Actually if you think about it Andy was the only one who really seems to want it.

The rest have probably seen they can still have a career on their terms without being the winner.


oooooo look all the immunity pin people are gone - get rid of that dumb idea, it's pointless and annoying and unfair, give them some other prize if they can beat a chef.

Andy - has had the rtv 'journey', and looks bewildered he's still there, but if you look at what he's putting up it is pretty impressive.
Julie- seems to be there through sheer force of independent will, and viewers are puzzled why they pick on her so much so they have warmed to her. Was the shot of her sister there recently because she wins?
Audra - peaked way too early, being teachers pet hasn't endeared her to the audience, and she's kind of boring, the drone doesn't help.
Kylie Kwong also revealed her as not as fantastic as the judges would have us believe. I am impressed with that pear she put on a tart though.
Both Andy & Julia have been good all round contestants, good leaders, helpful, etc. Audra, not so much. And who has performed well in the commercial kitchen challenges? Andy & Julia. Audra is too slow.


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Who will win MasterChef 2012?

Andy (55%)

Audra (26%)

Don't know! (12%)

Julia (7%)

This better be the way it goes. I don't think I can even watch it, the judges are so predictable every time Julia puts something in front of them it is wonderful, fantastic even when it isn't. I can't let go of my hatred for this outcome.

I don't care if she was helpful in challenges (which is debatable considering she just bossed evryone around all the time) Her cooking has not improved to the level of all the others IMO and therefore she should not be in the final 3 'top amateur cooks in Australia' My ass she is.


Well Andy is the one who deals with stress best too, so he's a pretty good bet. Both the others melt, Audra is possibly the worst with stress.


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i understand the thought process for Mindy going. She simply didn't cook the fish. Julia ran out of time, however for her dish that's less critical.

Audra, I'm sure it was lovely. But yeah it's making some sauces and cutting some fish. That was way too simple for the brief. Especially when that's not her pushing or challenging her self at all.

One of the most interesting aspects of the show is how people use the help they're given. The idiots who get told they're doing something wrong and continue to do it. Those that take the advice and run with it. I thought last night with the help from the judges was also quite interesting. Andy used it at the best possible time and when I would have and it showed. About half way through. Where you can look at what you've done. Where you're going. What you need to do. So you can always make changes, get tips.

Leaving it until the last 15/20 minutes is too late. You can't change anything. The final minutes plating up really is a waste of the chefs time. That's like not taking advice when given it. Mindy if she had used her advice earlier. Not with 20mins to go. She would have been told to get her fish on and it would have been cooked. Instead of not having the oven up to heat.

Julia completely ignored the fact what she was doing was too ambitious. So I guess the plating up help worked for her. Only because she ignored the advice earlier on.

Audra. Who knows. Maybe she could have got a discussion idea for a more complex variation on the dish.

Audra will win.

Andy will go and do a Travel / Cooking TV series with Ben.


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Audra handles stress very badly, her face last night while waiting for the elimination was frozen in fear.


Boy your behind the times mate, she talks about her sexuality on the MC website, everybody else has known this since the show started as it was also mentioned early on.

Go Andy, Audra should flip out with stress, Julia likewise but a bit better than Audra


So making cupcakes or catering for friends makes you a chef hu?
Wonder what pay scale you can demand for yóur supposed çheffing; it's like I put bandaids on kids playing basketball each weekend does that make me a medic and I can demand their wages?


anyone else notice that everytime TT or ACA want to run a scandal about reality tv they always get the owner of "realityravings" ??? or whateverthefuck the website is called.

but yes, im also shitty Julia is in the final and i seriously think she should be out.