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Married At First Sight AU 2020


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Poor Ivan, Aleks is angry.

All Ivan was doing was being kind to Hayley. 🤣 :laugh:
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I am moving house, sucks so bad u take a break and flick TV on, encore of this show I never watch
These 'people' are not bogans that would be a compliment
Are they criminals?
That is what they look like


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
Hayley is a good digging tramp!
Oooh, I said it!
It's amazing how their true colours come out !


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
Hayley's boobs look awfully distorted, or is it because they've been crammed into a badly made dress?


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
Amanda has class. Tash has none - but we can see that. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but in her case, you can!


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
One of my clients today said the E-van works with one of her relatives, can't remember which one, and says he's exactly as he is in real life. I said everyone I've chatted to online have really warmed to him big time.


Catching up from where I nodded off last night !
All these female tattoos look horrible!
The whole lot of them are rough, and I would not like to run into any one of them, some are in fact scary and criminal like
Very clear why they are desperate and dateless.
Hayley is very creepy and she looks like a man

Is this why people watch?
To be horrified and grossed out, and throw stuff at the tv?????

I just don't get the point of any of this
I think there were possibly 2 couples who looked normal at least


Give it the flick
WAS looking forward to a MAFS TV binge after a high fibre day's work. Oh well. Catch-up it is.
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Turns People to Stone
All other couple speculating that Dave will say LEAVE...and Hayley desperately trying to salvage her instagram career.

Dressing in a (for her) demure frock. :)