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Married At First Sight AU 2020


No. Wrong.

Manufactured, scripted non-reality as a figment of imagination from what I know.
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For anyone who is interested to know, from what I have heard a previous Big Brother housemate is possibly going to be on the next series of MAFS


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Lots of people not liking the edit this season. Josh but also anger because of the great edit Lizzy received. Apparently she attacked Hayley during the girl´s night out. I was already surprised why she was apologizing so much because we hardly watched her being mean . It was cut because it did not fit the storyline. Micheal dated Kasey but now wants Stacey back who is already in another relationship.
The producers biggest mistake in my eyes was the casting. Lots of vapid fain women with hardly a brain cell but with huge lips, tits and hunger for fame.