Married At First Sight AU 2019


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Had to hit the pause button to see in advance what has been said about Dan/Jess, but nothing has been posted. I'm just at Tamara and Dans bit, and Jess's facial expressions are to die for - hehehe! I hope I won't be laughing on the other side of my face after this ....

EDIT - Argh - now Jess is grinning, now they're questioning the change in Tamara and Dans relationship - I wish bad things on Jess!


Biding their time? Giving them enough rope? Letting them spill their own beans? It's not fair on the unsuspecting spouse though.
Yes, there's no way it won't erupt sooner or later. The producers and "experts" will make sure someone is in the right place to overhear something.


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I have come into it in the last 5-10 minutes. Billy, Billy, Billy. You are correct, those women are enablers. The way Susie positions herself and has that entitled demeanour and the weird look on her face is beyond the pale. All innocence and yet, knowing what she's doing.