Married At First Sight AU 2019


Turns People to Stone
I think EVERYTHING is life is outside Matt's "comfort zone"

Then Lauren tells him she used to be a lesbian...Matt has an immediate Panic attack and goes catatonic.!!!!


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The wording "used to be a lesbian" is interesting... I'm wondering if Lauren is bi or did she really turn from gay to straight? I would have thought the latter was quite rare.
Well, that was a great catch up, I couldn't watch last night as I was out for my birthday, but have it recorded for tonight, and having read all this, I can NOT wait!
So, I'm now officially behind on both this and I'm A Celebrity.


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Thoughts on latest episode...

- Can Jules and Cam be any sweeter?
- Ning has been extremely difficult but just as she seems to be becoming more normal, Mark is becoming the difficult one? Maybe Ning overreacted a bit, but I can see her side that Mark was taking the PT session too seriously. And then she's making him a cake even though she's upset which is a nice gesture, and he's not even trying to yield a bit as well in return?
- Matt and Lauren - just lol.
- Ines still completely gives off an evil witch vibe even when she's apparently showing her "soft" side to Sam. Also, I'm kind of hoping Liz and Bronson hook up in retaliation.