Make a Sentence

Sheridan remained stoic, knowing it was the humane thing to do, and looked in his fearful eyes tenderly and proceeded to pinch closed the poor man's nostrils, and sealed her palm over his quivering lips and whisper "Ssh, baby is okay."

Secrets oblivious ended
Emerging alone from the ancient eaves, the pigeon, spider web like a scarf around its neck, began to coo and strut before the stunned onlookers.

Woke swoll fated
Listen, Romeo; hows about you put down the phone and acquire the desire to admire the tyre on the blue Honda, then change it before you get a boot in the love spuds.

Courtesan poetess rapier
Mother, I ought have listened, but, alas, the strumpet absconded with my heart, and hurled aside, and she ain't just leaving, she gone.

Petticoat petty coat


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I think it is petty, to spam threads just to coat the forum with your nickname. That said, there is nothing petty about a petticoat under a see through dress.

Goals, joy, life.
Smidge midge bridge

I was walking on a bridge when I was bitten by midge when I wiped my leg I had a smidge of blood on it

octagon objective optimism


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In order to achieve my objective in the Octagon this season, I shall maximize my optimism and utilize my furious warrior spirit.

Essential pocket neither


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The solution for this soluble problem came when I watched a tv show called Stitchers.

Ending, ginger, lego.
The perfect ending to a hard day of lego model building is a long cool glass of ginger beer with lots of ice.

cotton, stone, tinkle