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MAFS 2022


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
Here we go again!
I haven't seen any of the ads for this, this year as I haven't watched anything on channel 9 for ages, so it'll be interesting to see who or what they will throw at us this year!
You can tell who's going to be trouble already.
Can't put a name to a face yet so can't say it.
Less fat lips this year ... but, in saying that, what's her name she's got a mouth like an inner tube. The one getting married second!
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I thought they'd match Selin with Anthony.
They seem well suited.
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Tamara and Brent: cant see them going far, will be intersting on first sight.
She sounds like hard work.
I don't even know who they are 😬
These people are easily forgotten!

Samuel Levi is the best friend of Brent who married Tamara. Liam was the bisexual from last year who married Georgia
Mitch and Ella too good to be true.
If this works out, it'll be amazing. But there are producers in charge!
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Domenica and Jack.
Next wedding.
They seem nice, but 🤔
Wow, never saw that coming!
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Andrew and Holly
Seem nice.
The couples seem to be more grounded this year. Less dollybird and brawn. Lets hope we see better results.

In saying that, she doesn't seem over interested now she's found out he's a southern Texas boy!
Selina and Cody.
She's got a great sense of humour towards her family (Korean background)

I'm not keen on these moustaches 😶
Plus he seems a less interested now he's getting to know her.
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