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LOVE ISLAND UK, series 4


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If I was on the show, I would have outright told Adam: "I want you to choose me at the recoupling".

A cliffhanger. What a shock. The Australian version would have revealed who he recoupled with already.
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I must have dozed off, I can't remember watching the end, no great loss.....reveal tonight hey, thanks @Affable
The blonde air hostess who is on to dude no 3 in opening episode?????She looks about 40 not late 20s

Liking this cast, and the flashier production - sack dire Sophie, so much better with a proper TV host, nice UK woman
And all that cash back........our show looks cheap so often......the crappy day spa was laughable


More about the schedule......

Trying to find when it screens after tonight.....coming up blank....just this

Watch Love Island UK Wed & Thurs 9.30pm on 9Go! and 9Now. From Thursday, catch-up to the UK with all 30 episodes available from 9.30pm AEST on 9Now, ...

May just be online, but whatever looks like we can binge online tonight......good way to soothe our souls, wippee

I will keep checking for when/if it will be on live TV


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All 30 episodes are up now on 9NOW. From 8:3o pm tomorrow a new episode will be added each day. Also if you don't feel like it/don't have the time there are weekly summary episodes posted as well, probably easier to watch 4 episodes instead of all 30.