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LOVE ISLAND UK, series 4


Finale has arrived.........off to view it shortly:)

Good grief, no wonder Belle is rough, girl has a gangster father..................I think he may be an actor, gross whatever
It was great to see that eviction,that couple shit me.......and the little turd thought he had it in the bag, ha, ha

Have you noticed Molly-the mole, lips have collapsed, the upper fillers have failed her
I just realised who she reminds me of........Tweetie Bird


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Caroline Flack has stood down for the upcoming winter season being filmed in South Africa after being charged with the assault of her boyfriend earlier this week.



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Laura Whitmore is replacing Caroline Flack for this series (at least). She was very much the obvious choice having previously replaced her on I'm a Celebrity and hosted the last winter series the Love Island producers did, though that was a spin off rather than a main series. She's also dating the narrator.