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Lina or Penny?


Scalp collector
Just admit it. You're jealous of her dancing ability and that she's younger and more full of life than you.

Have you had your bath in blood for today Countess Báthory?
Day 3940224

The villagers are getting suspicious of their virgin children going missing, I've taken to procuring the children of the nobility in a quest for my eternal beauty and youth.

There is one little bitch I had my clutches on recently; daughter of a clown and her rapist. She was supposedly renowned for her ability to move her body mildly rhythmic fashion and visage manipulation.

I asked dear Semtész to deliver her to me under the darkness of the night. Upon delivery, however, I was stunned to discover that this she-mule's cunt wasn't the brightest firework in the display and banished her from court to carry out a life sentence of obscurity and occasional appearances on GO!

I had to let her go. I couldn't risk the absorption of such a generous concentration of stupidity and redundancy.


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Lina ALL THE WAY for me.

Smart, interested in others, affable, calm, kind, honest, gorgeous, strong

Goofball, odd, weird, kooky, fence-sitter, one of the boys, strange


Penny over Lina anyday!

Penny may not take BB14 but thanks to her this years BB has been entertaining and watchable for the past 3 weeks or so.


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Normally I would go for the more intelligent of the two but I am not so sure Lina is. She tries to impress the others by playing it cool and asking the hard questions emo.gif but then her other side comes out. The childish prude and the trying to act like a feminist. animculturiste.gif Nah Thanks but no.


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I don't care for either. I find Lina to be very stiff. She is not a good fit for BB.
And I find penny would be much better if she would not have her mouth open all the time. I'm sure she doesn't realize she is doing it, but it bugs the heck outta me. And I wish big brother would give her some real cloths. And get rid of those white high heeled tennis shoes. Other than that I guess she's ok.
Stiff is a good word to describe Lina. Not at all a good fit.
I prefer Penny over Lina, Skye, Travis, Ryan and Priya.

Lina is cool but just played the game in the wrong direction. Fell into a trap with (mostly) Priya's gossip, I think.