James Bond Thread


I saw two recent Bond pictures recently: The Spy Who Loved me and For Your Eyes Only. Both very good. Though I think I liked For Your Eyes Only better because it had a neat twist.

My favorite scene in The Spy Who Loved me was when Bond helped those sailors escape from that prison.

My favorite scene in For Your Eyes Only is this:



Holy shit, I'd forgotten about that! Pretty suspenseful.

For Roger Moore, this scene I think sums him up.
yeah it was! and to think this was the early 80's so i imagine the stunt work would have been pretty scary. because everyone would be just smoking and drinking and making mysognist comments. they would all be wearing moustaches because i imaagine that would be the style of the time. i have no way to back that up but since no ne has invented time travel i think i am pretty safe. anyway they all get called out to do the stuntwork and then later in editing they use the moustacefying edit tool. this enables them to erase any moustaches in the film that doesnt belong to it.