Episode I'm A Celebrity! AU (2019) - Episode Discussion


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Must admit, I dont really care who wins from here.
Not much to choose from.
Tooolboxers twining would be kind of funny.
A role model to all.
Watch tv. Be on tv watching tv. Turn tv off to be on a show without a tv.
And win,
And from there, anything is possible.
Especially going back home to watch tv without a camera on and be quicksilver forgotten from the public consciousness.
Kinda an Orwellian/Huxley message in there somewhere.


I'm not gutted that Justin left as it's only a tv show and there isn't that much difference between the top six anyway. But in terms of who deserved to win, it was Justin, and I would challenge anyone to suggest that it isn't going to be a whole lot more boring without him.
The double elimination tomorrow will probably be Yvie & Angie, as per their contract.
Luke will now win, and how boring is that?


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When they showed Justin the highlights of him getting picked for trial after trial.

Once when they called his name, he said oh _uck

A few times you could tell he didn't want to do them.


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It is very odd isn't it? For Yvie to dismiss Justin's skinny person issues, knowing that it's also an important issue to her best friend. Very selfish actually.
Think she was dismissing it because it was all about Yvie & a male mentioned weight issue problems.