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Episode I'm A Celebrity! AU (2017) - Episode Discussion


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Still haven't started boarding, but I'm way down the back so will need to be among the first so I can stow my shit.

Ad break only just started on the stream!
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Yes, he has been to rude/crude to be shown :)
They need I'm A Celeb Uncut so we can see Dane's convo's!! :p

They had the NOW! show last year which I thought was supposed to air the slightly naughtier stuff But it was mainly interviews with z-grade radio people! Tsk Tsk! :unsure:


Old celebs give messages Warnie wants to sleaze
Winner ......................CASEY, who looked at Dane thinking it would be him, yeah


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Good good. :)

Good end to a pretty good series. Not that Dane or Nat would have bothered me that much really, but Casey deserved it more.