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I’m a Celebrity 2023 : Episode 13

Has the quality of the ‘celebrities’ diminished since it first started?

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…I’m enjoying seeing Peter just being himself without having to roll out an endless stream of jokes just to keep up the appearance of being the endless joker for a change… cheers.
…shut the fuck up please Aesha!… her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me… cheers.
…well… that was fun… AND… I did it without my irritating inner voices… 20 posts in a row!… a new personal best!… nite all… sleep tight… have great dreams… cheers.
Sticky, I made this for you my friend, to thank you for keeping this shit storm going!!

Here is my impression of the guy laughing at Julia’s jokes! He doesn’t seem to have much else to do and is there every day, ready to crack another one open.