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Hi @gemmasixfootsix!!

Pretty sure Gemma has now been scared away from this thread and the weird direction it has taken. I wish I had a BB question for her to try and lure her back.

Cat wouldn't have been scared.

But reepbot, gemma is not cat.

Exactly, exactly.
I have two secrets.... I avoid the sun ... And I never take off my makeup at night I sleep with it on... It sounds so bad but I have always done it[DOUBLEPOST=1436471987][/DOUBLEPOST]
Of course I like pie!!!!!

:eek: Well it's official, you must have amazing genes. Definitely staying out of the sun goes a long way, which I've learnt the hard way. Not sure I can fully embrace the other though.

Im glad you weren't scared away from this place!
I only say my opinion, I got on the show for being opinionated and honest... Most people can't handle that

Hey Gemma, are you still up and about the forums? Would be awesome to get a sneak peek into what you've been up to and what you have planned for 2017 :)