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I haven’t seen this guy (interviewer) before, but this is a good interview with Taras

I have watched a couple of this guys interviews (Tim's and Gabbies so far and he is pretty good) Thanks I will check this out too :)


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I will say as I start watching this that he uses the phrase love bombing - I noticed Estelle used this phrase on Twitter to describe you too. It is a phrase that can have quite negative connotations around abusive relationships. How did you feel about that phrase being used to describe you?


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uploading now. will take another 10 mins or so i reckon. big love and sorry if this one aint as good, annoying that my first video was corrupted.
Wow, Taras!

I know I haven't heard every single interview out there with you but this is the first I've heard that you actually didn't want Tully to leave when she did. I just took what I saw on the tv when you said you wanted her to leave, and that whole episode didn't seem like you were into Tully much. Its sad that kinda happened as I think that episode with you seemingly against Tully soured people towards you.

I think you even voted her out when she was up so you could have helped her stay if you had voted Johnson. Issue with Reg was she didn't specifically vote Tully out but because she was close with Johnson too she just tossed her (wasted) vote onto Drew so the one and only vote Drew got came from Reg.



uploading now. will take another 10 mins or so i reckon. big love and sorry if this one aint as good, annoying that my first video was corrupted.
The hackers are back! Everyone put on your tin foil hats and protect yourself.
Love this and a video with you answering my questions getting corrupted is probably a sign to not answer my questions but you'll be happy to know I have more 😁
1. If you went back to the Tully vote would you change her nomination to someone else to get Johnson or Drew out at that vote and if so who?
2. You mentioned your fears of a potential Drew/Johnson/Aleisha trio fast forward to the next eviction Johnson and Aleisha vote Drew out to keep you. How did that happen?
3. When you said you got advice from Tilly and Mary did you mean pre going in the house and if so how many people did you get advice from?

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…first thing Taras my friend… thanks for being such a good sport with all of my Photoshops of you in the ‘Photoshop thread’… (sometimes they can be quite harsh)… but you’ve taken them all in your stride much to your credit… you obviously realise that none are done with any malice intended… (could you also tell Johnson this if you ever run into him again… AND tell him that I did actually like him lol!)… my favourite ones that I did of you were ‘Taras wants to go to the Sun’ and ‘Taras the Terminator’ and ‘Taras meeting the Beatles’… I really enjoyed doing those three lol!… did you ever see the Terminator one in the end?…

…second thing… I’m really enjoying that you are being so open and transparent with sometimes quite difficult questions in the ’Episode’ threads plus this one… answering them so truthfully in your video is brilliant!… (they’re never too long for us… believe me) so thanks for that… much appreciated… I never did think that you were the ‘Villian’ either…

…third thing… YOU HAVE TO GO ON SURVIVOR!… just imagine the Photoshops that we could do!… you would give us Photoshoppers mental mind fucks galore!… it’s almost giving us mental orgasms just thinking of it lol!…I would be beside myself (and that’s not a pretty sight believe me) with excitement!… so please… it’s your duty to apply for it lol!… you at tribal council… I have three jokes already lol!… so please apply for it!… well… that’s it from me… cheers.

PS:… (I forgot to ask you a proper question)… did any of you fart in front of each other and who did it the most?… cheers again.


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Part 1:
Part 2:
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Thanks T. Again, no further questions here, just some comments and observations.

Firstly, the "cocky" thing I saw lots on social media and it frustrated me, because I actually don't think you came across as cocky at all. Yes you were proud of your challenge wins and game moves, but imo it's unfair to say that you looked cocky. I think others are guilty of fake humility to win votes. Tall poppy syndrome 100%! It's a tricky thing navigating public perception when you are not in control of what gets shown. I asked on your live the other night with Johnson whether you think you would have had a better chance if it was a survivor-style jury vote and you said that you would have. I agree, I actually think it's a shame that it isn't a jury vote, not only for you this year but for this format in general. As you said, you did play a good game off survivor.

Wanting a girl to win... I only just realised that a guy has won every other channel 7 series of BB so far, so in that way, yes it's great that a female won this year. If we are talking about gameplay though, maybe it should have been Aleisha.

I love that you value deep relationships with a smaller amount of people and the fact that you are willing to go in depth with us here is so great.

Yes, what you said about Tim is spot on. He knows that makes great TV and he isn't there to be boring. Truly one of the greatest to ever win. Nobody wants to see a pagonging and this year I think in a large part we have Tim to thank for that.

The Lulu voting for Mel thing is interesting. I wonder how often you couldn't work out who had voted for who? I always assume that either everyone knows, or at least finds out immediately after the vote.

Thanks for being raw and honest with us. The vulnerability helps me to see how the edit affected you and the outcome. When you first came on the forum I said I didn't have much time for RTV contestants whinging about the edit. But I think you've given us enough insight to see why you have every right to be frustrated that you worked so hard to get to the end and never really had he chance to win.

I said no questions but I do have one if you'd be happy to answer... Josh. Do you think he got a fair edit? He came across a little unhinged, definitely obsessed with Sam and very unpredictable. I don't think his behaviour / answers on the finale night helped his case, but he has certainly come out saying the good stuff was minimised and the bad stuff was maximised. I watched a live with Sam today that she posted (by the way she speaks very highly of you) but she does mention Josh whinging about the edit. She says (and I think rightly) they can't show you saying something or doing something that you didn't say or do. Watching that live makes me wish we saw more of Sam than being the object of Josh's obsession and then sucking face with Drew haha.