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Hey Friends!


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Hey everyone, thanks for all the discussions, the love, the wariness, my supporters and opponents!

Im gonna take a break off social media for a bit cuz Ive been SLAMMING it, but I thought the best way to answer any questions you have is if you post em in this thread, and in a week or so I will do a video where I can answer them all. Be so much easier than typing! Ill upload it unlisted.

Big love and ask any questions you want!

The KING of BBAU22 👑. You played against some huge OGs who are deeply loved and yet you managed to cut through and be a HUGE player well deserving of your grand finale spot and arguably the more deserving winner. Imo you are now one of the “greats.”

I loved watching you and your game develop. You are fun and quirky. A bit of an oddball who doesn’t fit into any particular stereotype. Not the typical gym junkie muscle meat head and yet you were a massive CHALLENGE BEAST. Not a typical ‘pretty boy’ yet you certainly had your fans on here for your looks haha, or even a typical nerd or geek.. Early series I said you were someone I’d like to be mates with, OR someone I’d actually watch a reality show about their life. I feel like you have great self awareness and come across as super comfortable in your own skin and in who you are as a person. I think this games DEMANDS strategy but requires high emotional intelligence and social prowess and you were able to balance it all masterfully. You obviously had a great social game, making it through to the end and you owned your strategy in a way that I think should have been HAILED as a hero.

Also huge props for actually fulfilling the standards you set for yourself and your game in your intro video package. You stayed in the background to cement yourself in the game then came out swinging and landing targets left right and centre when needed. For me, you are the quintessential game player that I LOVE to watch. I mean that so so much.

I could keep going on but you asked for questions, not praise haha. I just honestly feel like you were robbed of a little bit of the experience (not even just talking about the win). Due to a range of circumstances you have been undervalued. Unfortunately I think almost exclusively due to reasons that were outside of your control.

I truly would have been a massive fan even if you didn’t visit us here, but I do want to say thank you so much for coming online and engaging with us. I’m aware that this forum can be a scary place for ex-housemates to engage with a small but fervent group of dedicated BB lovers who passionately love and dislike certain HMs. It’s happened so rarely if at all since channel 7 BB I was so impressed with the way you’ve come, opened yourself to some severe criticism and been able to engage with fans and critics alike. I won’t lie and say it didn’t help me love you even more.

Anyway, I have a couple of questions.

1. The Tully vote. Reading between the lines, you hinted that Tully was not actually your target. I assume that meant Johnson actually was? Can you tell us more about what went on behind the scenes and why you couldn’t land your target (if I am reading between the lines correctly)?

2. Can you talk us through how you came to the finale decisions? You held so much power. With great power comes some pretty heavy and huge decisions. Why did you choose to bring Reggie and Johnson through to the finale and why not Brenton?

3. Where did your SPARKLY suit come from for the finale? You looked amazing!

I do hope that you are able to take an emotional and mental break from the heaviness and depth of all the social media and just media in general about you over the last few months. So importantly….

4. R U OK?

I so hope you can walk away from this experience with your head held high and know that there are people who saw through the villain edit and see an interesting, strong, socially aware, emotional, diverse person who is a little bit of a cheeky munchkin also.
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So many questions
1. How you feeling? You doing good?
2. Can we see your audition video?
3. Why'd you vote out Brenton? Did you think at the time you could beat Reggie? Who do you think would've won had you voted her out?
4. Who was the target when Tully got voted out?
5. What was your time in the house like prior to finding out you were playing with OGs?
6. What information did the first 4 OGs share about what they had seen before entering? (Josh and Sam/The J Crew forming)
7. How much did you practice for potential challenges while in the house?
8. You had made a post about some of your relationships in the house but we never got a part 2. What were your relationships like with people like Tim, Tully, Johnson and whoever else you want to talk about?
9. How has being on the show changed the way you view it?
10. I remember asking right before the Tully episode happened and your villain edit began how has the fan reaction been and you said you hadn't gotten any hate it'd been great. Can you talk about what it was like to have a sudden shift in fan perception of you and for it to follow you through the rest of the season?
I'll post more as I think of them
I have a BTS Q.

The BB Voice.
In past years there were a range of voices that could be heard as BB. There has always been a main voice, but we also used to hear female BB’s, older sounding BB’s and BB voices with various accents.
Given the Channel 7 BB voice is obviously digitally altered, is that the voice you hear inside the house? Or is the digital editing done in post? Could you audibly discern various people talking to you as BB or did you always only hear the digital version or whatever it it that we hear?
Hey Dumb Dumb.
I'm not one of your fanbase, but for your style of playing, good game.
I also appreciate you more as a person because you took the time to engage with us here.

My question is...
When the other housemates exposed you as flying under the radar, did that really change your trajectory, or did you always intend to emerge at some point and start fighting for your place?
On the flipside, if that hadn't happened, would you have continued trying to fly under the radar?
1. Were you part of the WhatsApp group chat? Was it fun?
2. If BB is renewed for another season and someone who sees this ends up getting on the show what would your advice be to them if the format stays the same or even if it changes in some capacity?
When you came out on stage it looked as though it was the first time you wereseeing the non finale housemates. I just watched Tullys stories and it looks like you, Reggie and Johnson weren’t in the green room.

What was your backstage pre show experience like and who was the biggest partier in the after party haha?
I really appreciate as many do I’m sure that you have given is so much time to explain things already as well as given us a personal perspective of things we missed in the house. I think for me that has probably been the highlight because from just the shows I feel we didn’t get that involvement. Your insight/ perspective/ commentary on here in general have been the closest thing to understanding the dynamics and relationships in the house.

I know you were given the villainess edit, but I do respect your game and think you out of all the hms, had a plan and set out to do as you said you would,which takes guts. It makes you the one of the ultimate players, and if this is the format going forward, you have set a high precedent. I hope you don’t get anymore backlash though and fans of bb really just appreciate the value you added in the house, as I have grown to. I just think it’s a shame that the edit went from seeing you as a quirky harmonious person and then went villain mode, thereby reducing your relationships to nothing on the screen and just seeing you as a challenge beast that eliminates.

This is leading to my question, like Lenny:
How did you really feel about the edit change you were given? And do you think the public would have perceived things differently if it was just all new castings?

Another question I have:
After months out of the house, who have you stayed in touch with and are now good friends with? And is there anyone you didn’t bond with initially in the house but outside have become close with?
Cheers and thanks again Taras for connecting with us here on these forums during this series it's great! Everytime I have heard you being mentioned as the "Challenge Beast" during this show, I keep thinking of this great old song from "Rob Zombie" called "Superbeast". In your case mate it would be reworded to say:


Cheers and all the best mate! :thumbsup: :cool:
You seem like a pretty Zen guy, but I was thinking the other night of combos of final three where you would have been a shoo-in to win, as your game was so strong, and wondering if you had any you were rather wishing you'd taken to the end game instead. If for example, the newbies had got all the OGs out several votes earlier...

It was beautiful and honourable that you brought Reg to the final three with you, but I also wonder if you thought even so you might win the cash? There was a moment when Sonia did the fake-out re announcing the winner, before she went to a commercial break, when the crowd roared "Reggie!", and you looked genuinely shocked for a moment and then recovered and smiled.

I hope you are feeling okay, it must have been a rollercoaster. I really appreciated your clarifications here and wish you well for the future.
This has been stated above.

Your game was great, under the radar at the beginning until you were identified as a threat - then BAM out came Taras the challenge beast.
Your nominations were good, you targeted the right people - I think perhaps you may have won if you evicted Reggie.

Your game was great, but, I think you were playing in the wrong game - you should have been playing Survivor - with your game in a Survivor setting, the jury would have awarded you the prize.
I hope to see you on Survivor soon...
Hey Taras!!

Loved watching you on the show and you were my favourite to win the finale.

I wanted to know what are some of the lesser known struggles in the house that don't get shown much on TV? We know all about the food shortages, home sickeness etc. But what are some other things that really get on your nerves during that time spent in the house?
Did they ever tell you what the percentages were on the final vote?

Did you actually fall for the, "they'll never vote a winner twice" or did you know it was always just a longshot?