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I just found Chantal a bit ‘try hardy’. Like she played up for the cameras a bit too much. I didn’t mind Kaday though.

You can lobby that criticism at quite a few of them. Some are just more natural than others.

The appeal of the cast surely has to come down to a general sense of if you think you'd get along with them in real life. Not as good friends or anything. Not them as Goggleboxers. Just in a social situation, where you can easily strike up a conversation and have a good social interaction with people like them.

Kaday seems nice and fine enough. I feel like if I met Chantal, it'd be one of those people where you're just on different wavelengths that striking up a conversation that made sense to both of you wouldn't happen.

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Definitely. The two leaving families were my most disliked groups also. Just couldn't really get into them.
Elias family were the worst….They pretty much put me off the show. Would get in the zone and then one of their dumb remarks would fill my reality and invade my mental space ... Made me stop watching.

They obviously were getting a bit desperate for cast or just producers generally bad at casting.
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Celebrity? Yes, I'm watching right now.
I came here to say about how much Matt Preston and friend are eating 😯


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Well I enjoyed it, I don’t normally watch Gogglebox tho.
I like Robert Irwin. Laughed at Zoe Blake talking about pork with little hats. Julia Morris talking about Shane Warne and the helicopters! Hughesy and Holly 😍 and Luke and Celia always make me lol. Enjoyable as a one off!


It's lost a bit of zing.

It was good to get rid of the Elias family and Kaday & Chantelle.

No real need to keep Nic & Milo now Adam & Symon are fulfilling the same function.

The rest were just going through the motions.