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Game of Thrones *may include spoilers*


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Always feed your pets people - you've seen what happens when you don't.

Easily the best episode of the season though I'd have liked to have seen the Battle take the entire episode as we've seen in previous series. That said the scenes in Meereen were all great too, especially the Greyjoys arriving, although I completely missed Daenerys returning their last week.

I guess the finale will return to Kings Landing for the High Sparrow nonsense which has dragged on far too long.

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Whose idea was it that Wun Wun should fistfight? That was so stupid. I get it, the guy is a giant, but give him a Greatsword, or a special made giant sword, or at least a small tree! If the Nights Watch smith had made him a sword and some plate armour they would not have even needed the Vale. But even Jon does not get proper armour because.....

Anyway, has there been a more pointless character than Rickon? He did absolutely nothing. Every Stark kid gets an arc and then there's Rickon.


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Ahhhhhhhhhh! I can't wait for the next episode!

Danny is a boss. Sansa is a boss. Cersie looks like she's going to be a deranged boss.

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Thinking about it, I call bullshit on Ramsay even being able to speak to Sansa at the end. Jon's beating would have broken his teeth, split his lips, swollen entire face area and probably caused a serious concussion. You don't speak eloquently after that.

Lol some people have a lot of time on their hands.

I actually like them. The Flash and Arrow have some funny ones.


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Best ending ever...although I was hoping they would cut off his miserable excuse for a manhood and make him eat it first

I rewound it just to watch it again!

I seriously have never hated characters like I hated him and Gofrey! Oh my God when he and his psycho girlfriend set the dogs on that poor terrified girl last season, I was mortified! Mortified I tells ya!

I was most disappointed when Gofrey died quite a comfortable death.


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Best ending ever...although I was hoping they would cut off his miserable excuse for a manhood and make him eat it first
Haha, yes, he most certainly needed some sort of torture. What a horrible man, I cried when I saw Jons brother running, I so wanted to yell, ZIG ZAG< FOR GODS SAKE ZIG ZAG