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Frocks, Frolics and Fotos


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Gwendoline is my biggest girl crush at the moment. I love everything about her. And Brienne of Tarth is probably my second biggest girl crush


Oh. FFS.
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The Project's host Lisa Wilkinson last night taking a swipe at Kim's crazy figure and describing her outfit as the "just fell in a lake" look.

"How is this even physically possible?" Lisa said of Kim's gravity-defying dress. Like, where has she hidden all of her internal organs? Because if you squeeze in the middle like that, the stuff has got to come out." Full story

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Oh. FFS.
Wow. Massive effort! Tziporah's managed to off load that feed meeeeeeeeee parasite she was lugging around on I'm a Celeb. Ever the class act..... at least she's been able to upgrade her bedsheet for a strategically placed bandage this time, lol.

Yep...Daily Mail.
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Hi @Medusa,
Here is something interesting for the stylish.....on TV tonight

Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards
ABC, 9:35pm, Sun, 7 Jul 2019, 85 minutes

Follow the story of how a boy growing up on an isolated Spanish island became the world's most influential shoe designer. Blahnik's love for his craft, and how each and every one of the shoes he creates, drives his artistry.

United Kingdom, English, Documentary