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Gwendoline is my biggest girl crush at the moment. I love everything about her. And Brienne of Tarth is probably my second biggest girl crush
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The Project's host Lisa Wilkinson last night taking a swipe at Kim's crazy figure and describing her outfit as the "just fell in a lake" look.

"How is this even physically possible?" Lisa said of Kim's gravity-defying dress. Like, where has she hidden all of her internal organs? Because if you squeeze in the middle like that, the stuff has got to come out." Full story

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Wow. Massive effort! Tziporah's managed to off load that feed meeeeeeeeee parasite she was lugging around on I'm a Celeb. Ever the class act..... at least she's been able to upgrade her bedsheet for a strategically placed bandage this time, lol.

Yep...Daily Mail.
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