Frocks, Frolics and Fotos


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Yes.....many, many people on TV shows wear frocks and I intend to post pics of celebrities frolicking in their frocks.

Katy Perry with her MIL in a 60's inspired outfit.



Thanks M & M, this place is no fun without frocks..............don't like Kylie's mohair blanket much, I think my Mum had one the same.

Watch out Mariah, there is a creepy crawly on yer back!


i know you see me now
Mariah Carey show us her twins.

so just looking at that, it appears that the skin tone of Monroe and Moroccan are the same as Paris and Prince Jackson.

Considering that Mariah has some kind percentage of African American in her as well... then... yeah. Just saying.


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Ha Ha Lilo - she has bailed out already but has to complete 16 hours of community service at the morgue - yes the morgue - before her next hearing on 2 Nov. The Judge does not believe her parole officers at all.

How many times has she been in court now? 6 + and she is not even 25.


Wonder if she will ever act again.............sad girl, she actually has talent, what a waste - and how deluded is she, trying so hard to be a California girl, tanned and blonde etc, and all you can see are freckles.