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Forum Big Brother: PowerGames [VIEWERS THREAD]


The SepiaBird!!!
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I wonder if the votes roll-over? :confused:

I would rather not reveal who I voted for but it does seem to legitimately add-up pretty accurately based on my knowledge. :stop:

Will McDougle

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I just want to thank you @Dennis Haikalis for being a great housemate and a great friend. I would also like to thank @BigBrotherCritic & @reepbot for also being great friends in the house and we were the best final 4 ever. I would thank @Mazzafmuller but not after reading your comments about obliterating me and trying to take me down, obviously that didn't work, sorry not sorry.! :D

I also want to thank @Bertrendo & @SepiaBird & a little bit @BigBrotherCritic for being great Big Brother's and putting in so much effort to make this possible. It's been so much fun and I wouldn't of changed anything at all.

Thank you to the housemates also for this season, it's been so much fun to have great memories, moments, fights and other things with such a unique bunch of cast: @reepbot we had a little rivalry at the beginning but after you were fake evicted I was glad that we could make our friendship stronger, @BigBrotherCritic straight from the get-go I knew we were going to have a strong friendship, even know I nominated you and I regret that 100%, I would put myself up instead of you if I could, you were a great addition to the house, @AntiGretel to be honest I didn't like you at all, we had a fight and that was the only conversation we had but it was drama so it was good, @gamepodfan didn't really have a lot to do with each other but we talked a little bit and you seem really nice but you were evicted in the first proper eviction and we didn't have a chance to make our bonds stronger, @Will Charles I also didn't particularly like you alot, I thought you were quite inactive and a big boring, sorry but that's how I saw you also I wanted to be the only Will in the game, @brandonthud75 you were another one that was quite inactive too but from what we talked you were quite nice and you listened to people which was good, @Dennis Haikalis you were my bestie in the house, I don't know what I would've done in the house without you, you were there right from the start to very end and I couldn't thank you enough for being a great friend and a great housemate to share this amazing experience with, thank you, @shaydee I don't think I had a conversation with you because you walked at the very start but you seemed nice, @Mazzafmuller I did think we were friends and I loved your friendship in the house and I thought we were close until after the competition and I read your post saying you wanted me gone and you wanted to obliterate me, so you completely threw our friendship out the window, I thought you were my friend but all you wanted was to win, shame, @hooleydooley I didn't like you at all, you just started drama for no reason and walked because @reepbot said something mean, so you obviously didn't take the game seriously at all so I just lost all respect for you and didn't want a bar of you at all and last but not least: Smiler, you were one of the best housemates a guy could ask for, you were there for nearly everything through thick and thin even know I hated getting up at 7:00am having to let you out to the backyard, you were a great housemate and I will miss you very much.

I also want to thank everyone who voted to keep me safe in evictions and to make me the winner, I wouldn't of been able to do it without you, thank you all so much and I love you all! <3

Thank you to everyone who made this season what it was, a enjoyable and very well-done season. I shall see you next season with Big Brother 4: Divided where the housemates will be greeted with a shocking twist, see you in 2016! :D
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