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Forum Big Brother: PowerGames [VIEWERS THREAD]


The Forum Big Brother
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The SepiaBird!!!
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Hello Everyone! :D

As you should all know, I will be hosting the new BBUnseen this series. Part of my duty is to interview the evictee and to kick-off the interview I would like to start with 5 FBB Questions (alike the 10 Big Brother Questions).

I would like to invite you all to decide on the questions. Please leave your suggestions below and the most popular 5 will be included in all of the BBUnseen Eviction shows!


The SepiaBird!!!
Awesome site donor
I wouldn't say that I have a favourite yet but I do like to support my former Housemates (BBC & Dennis). :)
I'm keen to see how Will M will handle his PowerPlay, if well he will have gained a supporter. ;)


Second Runner-up of Forum Big Brother 2015
I'm great!! Really excited for this season. ;)
I wouldn't really care if he missed the entire series, to be honest.
Love you Brandon! :D