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Forum Big Brother 3 [LIVE SHOWS]


The Forum Big Brother
Welcome back to the live launch of FBB: PowerGames!

Just before the break @Will McDougle entered the house and became the first PowerPlayer...

Should we meet some more housemates?
[DOUBLEPOST=1447577490][/DOUBLEPOST]Its housemates #️3 and #️4!


The Forum Big Brother
BigBrotherCritic played Forum Big Brother 2 and now he is back for a second chance at the main prize. Will he win?

This is Anti-Gretels first time inside the FBB house! Wish Anti goodluck...

In you go!


The Forum Big Brother
gamepodfan is ready for his first time in a forum BB house! I hope he knows what he is in for.

@Will Charles

Will has played FBB's UK version and now he is ready to take over the house. Both him and GPF are from ThisIsBigBrother.com

Good luck, In you go!


The Forum Big Brother
So there is our housemates!
Head on over to the house thread for 24 hour live feeds...

I will see you tomorrow when @Will McDougle goes on a powertrip!

The first episode of Big Brother Unseen with SepiaBird kicks-off in 10 minutes time. So if you haven't already you need to PM SepiaBird to register as a viewer.

For current registered viewers, stand-by because you will soon be receiving via PM the details which you will require to access the show.

Good night and I will see you over on BBUnseen in 10 minutes!


The Forum Big Brother
Hello and welcome to the Live Nomination special! Tonight we will found out who will be up for the first eviction of Forum Big Brother: PowerGames...