Forum Big Brother 3 [LIVE SHOWS]


The Forum Big Brother

1. Viewers can talk in the viewers thread but still can comment here as the audience
2. Housemates can talk to Bertrendo when asked in Live Shows

Forum Big Brother: PowerGames
Live Launch

7:30pm AEDT Sunday 15/11/15


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Welcome to Behind Big Brother. Tonight, the LIVE LAUNCH of FORUM BIG BROTHER 3 will begin. Who are the Housemates? What is the Twist?

What we can reveal is that the Housemates are on their way to the studios, and all will be revealed tonight from 7:30pm!


The Forum Big Brother
Please Welcome your host...

[DOUBLEPOST=1447576306][/DOUBLEPOST]Hello and welcome to the live launch of Forum Big Brother: PowerGames!

Tonight 10 ordinary members will move into the most infamous house in Australia...

Speaking about the house should we check it out?


The Forum Big Brother
So the house is ready, Big Brother is ready are you ready?

Well then here is housemate number #1!
Reepbot taken part in FBB1 and now he is back!