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Final Triple Eviction - Who Will Go?

Who will be evicted?

  • Skye

    Votes: 79 32.4%
  • Lina

    Votes: 231 94.7%
  • Penny

    Votes: 170 69.7%
  • Priya

    Votes: 137 56.1%
  • Travis

    Votes: 42 17.2%
  • Ryan

    Votes: 32 13.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Max Power

Well-Known Member
I can't even bring myself to pick more than one. All I predict is that Lina will go, I really like her but others deserve to win more. Any yes others deserve to win more than Penny too (mainly because they've been in it for the long haul) but I think she might make it to the final.


The pen is mightier than the sword.
Lina, Penny and Priya, respectively.

I'd hope either Skye or Travis were in Priya's place though. But in reality, unless the voters get complacent and stop voting, I really can't see Priya beating the 'big three' (Travis, Ryan and Skye). :grumpy:


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Lina, Ryan and Skye to be evicted in order of how they added to the house. Ryan has done nothing but hide and smirk through the whole season. And Skye, well she would be an embarrassment to Australia as the winner of BBAU.


Wrinkled Member
I can almost 100% guarantee that, come triple-eviction night, BB will evict "in no particular order" and we won't see any percentages until finale night's final 3 voting, thus depriving the public of knowing who was second least favorite after Lina.

I predict Monday's Secrets&Lies ep will paint Skye in a bad light, causing her to be shock-evicted first (but actually third ahead of Lina and Penny).

It's not gonna be a female winner this year, but Priya deserves it more than anyone woman in there right now... she just doesn't fit the target demographic audience.


Well-Known Member
I believe Lina, Travis and Penny will leave in that order... This would also allow for 2 females and 1 male to be in the final as in previous seasons.

I also believe Priya will be 3rd (always happens to majority on this forum), Skye 2nd and Ryan will win the season. Just how I see things at the moment.


Garden Variety Troll.....
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I wonder if the runners up will get more than a few dishwashers 'n washing machines ???