Eurovision 2022


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probably a little bit of a political vote, however no doubt Ukraine had a catchy fun song. Nice that Sheldon had fellow contestant support with his low audience score, he had a powerful vocal performance. Congrats to the UK best result in years.
Mika’s mashup performance was brilliant 👏🏽 ❤️
I also enjoyed Maneskin’s new song.

Another great Eurovision, now the question will be where it is going to be hosted in 2023?


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Confirmed today what anyone with a bit of common sense knew - Ukraine won't be hosting next year. As runner up the BBC get first refusal so it'll almost certainly be in the UK - indeed several city council leaders have already began showing interest on social media. The tip is Glasgow though.


Yeah, Nah.
She’d have to write an absolutely banger. The novelty of Australia has well and truly worn off. But win or lose she’s a great representative imo.

There's a shit load of talented songwriters in this country, so I'm sure they'll write her a banger.

As long as she smashes those high notes like only Dami can, she'll place highly again!


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Thoughts on Dami having another crack?
I thought Australia's Eurovision participation was a partnership between SBS and Sony. And Dami is very publicly not with Sony any more.

Edit: Never mind, recent entrants haven't been contracted with Sony, so probably not a problem.
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I don't think it will affect us as much as people think, all of our grand final qualifiers would still have qualified through televote alone except for 2017. And let's not forget that this year there will be a rest of the world vote which will be combined to create 1 extra set of votes.


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I couldn't believe it today she I heard John Lydon (ex Sex Pistol, Johnny Rotten ) is going to be entering! Hilarious! This will be the only thing to ever get me watching having been a Sex Pistols fan from day one!
Though it'll be pretty woeful, and nowhere near Sex Pistols 😬
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