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Eurovision 2022

Australia Decides is on tonight 🎤 🇦🇺!!
I’ve intentionally avoided listening to any of the songs.
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What horrible opening acts, wtf

Bring on Paulina
This is like tragic young talent time

I want Electric Fields back
1. G Nation was good, song was good. Wouldn’t be terribly upset if they went.
2. The tik tok girl Erica was ok, but she shouldn’t win.
3. I really was impressed with Sean’s vocal ability on The Voice but that song did not showcase it at all!
I liked Sean the most out of that lot, nice outfit
The rest, yuck I would be embarrassed if they sent that mediocre girl group in the hideous costumes
Or the 2nd act, both are cringe embarrassing fillers surely

Not impressed with the standard so far, hoping they have better choices coming up
Ooo he has potential
Catchy song
He might win with the might of our Melbourne Greek community!
I live in the the heart of little Greece and it is fab
5 Andrew Lambrou. I think so far this is my fave. Great song and he has a good voice. Bit of work on the staging and up the energy and it could work well.
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Was very impressed with Paulina on masked singer
She sounded superb singing anything