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Eurovision 2020


Oo la la, what a great night of viewing
Sweden Mamas awesome in every way
They have lots of albums
And they were great last year, backing better than the lead
Agree @Affable, French singer is so beautiful, sucky song tho
Quite a lot of hot guys
I do like Iceland’s song

And more tonight, fantastic
I was intrigued by the Greek outfits
They really should do a gogglebox special next year, and add a few celebs from different European roots who have to cheer on their singer,like we do in sweeps for shows
Miguel, Manu etc
Some very revealing outfits, that black and see through teeny weeny, just covering pubes......thing, really expected a malfunction


Woohoo, we won something

The AI digital song competition, organised to help the Eurovision get through this shitty time
Beautiful The World


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She probably didnt sing because they couldn't have any technical crew due tothe restrictions.