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Deaths of Minor Celebrities

Meatloaf, Singer, 74
Sydney Poitier

Big sigh,hhhhh
Such a divinely beautiful human.
Every movie he made was exceptional
Thinking back I must have been a kid watching the biggies, ie In the Heat of the Night, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, and To Sir With Love......and they shaped my ideals, parents did right letting me watch
He was so elegant, loved his voice, I must have had a kiddy crush, or just he is a hero

Meatloaf, Singer, 74
Oh how I hated his dire songs and every ghastly pop opera thing he did, histrionic awful howling.....
Howard Hessman, Head of the Class, WKRP in Cincinnati actor, 81, complications from colon surgery.
Bloody hell, Shane Warne?
So soon after Rod Marsh too.

Bloody hell, Shane Warne?
So soon after Rod Marsh too.

That was a major shock, Shane Warne!
Like so many other people I didn't believe it when I first heard it...and now the reality is slowly sinking in.

I've watched and read tributes all day because again, like so many people, he was my hero too...and it's true what they all say about him being an ordinary knock about guy who was interested in all young kids playing cricket and would do anything to help them.

One of my kids had a school assignment (he was an emerging cricketer) that involved interviewing a sports person and fortunately we knew someone who worked with Keith Warne. An "interview" was set up via a Q&A form and Shane responded to all questions (some answers were laughable haha!) in his own handwriting!

We also have a personalized signed shirt from him from an Ashes tour...I'd have to check which tour it was but we have it and it will be in pride of place when our games room is finished.
I watched my recording of Gogglebox tonight, and it was interesting and sad to see them talking about Shane, still alive to them.
Anthony Callea became close to him on IACGMOOH, and has paid tribute on facebook today.