Deaths of Minor Celebrities



Me too, Karaoke, very much so.

I believe she was also the first female writer to win the Hugo and Nebula awards and the first SciFi/Fantasy writer to have a hardcover on the New York Times Bestseller list.


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Aww..Big Artie.
I used to love Eastern Suburbs back in the days that he was playing.
Not because of Artie tho, because of Ian Shubert & Russell fairfax.


Rugby League legend, Arthur 'Artie' Beetson.

*dons maroon armband*

Even I, south of the border know who he is. Tragic. :( the Cricket commentators did a nice job remembering him this morning when they heard the news.

Another Minor Celebrity (that no doubt means nothing to any of you)

Anime Voice Actress, Michal Friedman has died due to complications in childbirth. such a sad story, the twins she delivered are fine, her and her husband(dan green from 'Yugioh') had apparently been trying for almost 10 years to have kids. :(