Deaths of Minor Celebrities


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Jonathan Coleman, 65, radio/tv personality

What a shock! He's been on the TV forever. Was there any press about him having prostate cancer? If so, I never heard about it.


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Yeah I remember him from the Simon Townsend’s Wonder World days - compulsory after school viewing, and Jono’s report was usually the highlight. No I hadn’t heard he was sick, he was still on Studio 10 as far as I knew.


Dieter Brummer, 45, Home & Away actor

So sad
He had me watching, the only time I have ever watched H&A, was during his starring years
His comedy act with his sidekick was classic
The old guy was always chasing the funny rascals


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Brian Henderson, longtime Channel Nine Sydney news presenter, died aged 89. Always struck me as an absolute gentleman.

Henderson holds the record for the longest-serving television news presenter, having read either the weekend or the weeknight news on Sydney station TCN-9 from January 1957 until his retirement 45 years later.