Episode Day 51 (Tues 17/09/13): Late Night Feast


BBBA Mafia
Can't wait. Dis gon b gud.

We know there was at least one love declaration from Drully but sadly I don't think there was any mouthwash exchange this time. Disappointing... :p Maybe they sneaked some kisses in between everything else.

Hopefully we see more fight footage.


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tully cries, drew apologises
tahan and mik yell at each other


Inigo Montoya

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So excited to watch this weeks LNF and then after come back and read what everyone thoughts are on the Dully and Ed fight and the Tahan and Mikkayla. I hope they show us as much as they possibly can. I really don't want it to be edited to much.


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Home alone
half a bottle of wine left
home page is back to normal
LNF time!


there must be a lot of action on lnf usually nothing mentioned on daily show.


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Well, this was uneventful. Damn hackers.

Obligatory Tully is a vacuous, volatile, manipulative, incorrigible brat that needs to go... but not before the stale sisters. ;)


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First to say wow what a let down of a LNF that was! Everything had already been shown in the daily show. Poo.


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OK, so I still can't stand Ed. Other than that, nothing much came out of the show that I hadn't already seen elsewhere. Although the girls screaming at each other was a bit more dramatic than I realised.


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What I got out of the show was that Tully is worse than I thought and Drew is worse than Tully.

Mikkayla handled the fight a lot better than I had first thought given her history with eating disorders which I don't think i had heard before.

Had to go to FB to see what people were saying and realised how little is discussed there. No wonder people are voting without any real opinions.