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Episode Day 32 (9/10/2014) Daily Show


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I believe it'll be overhyped (as usual). I wouldn't have thought Cat would show it, but I'm sure BB wouldn't bother to make those kinds of promos if she just says no. Especially being a family friendly show they won't show anything other than a kiss, but considering we didn't even get that the other night I reckon we won't see it tonight either. It's probably them just chatting in the bath about whether Lawson would leave his gf for Cat, like the Tully-Drew situation last year, as another poster commented previously. But for the sake of entertainment, hopefully BB lives up to its hype. And the fallout would be massive, considering they've both lied to everyone in the house.

Also, I think you've found their loophole @SomeName


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I voted for Leo, Skye and David. Couldn't decide who I wanted most. It would be interesting to see Skye handle the power, and also see the housemates be annoyed if Leo got it. David would benefit from the confidence boost of his popularity, also he'd probably be safe because they never really nominate the HOH.

It'd be interesting if Ryan got HOH because it would force him into the public eye, no more flying under the radar.


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I would be SUPER surprised if this wasn't an oversell seeing as that is all they have been doing this season. World first, never before etc... yeah.

Biggest storm thats ever hit the block... I mean big brother....

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Big Brother’s Lawson admits to cheating on long-term girlfriend with Cat

  • 1 hour ago October 09, 2014 4:57PM

Lawson breaks down in the Diary Room as he admits to letting down his mother. Source: Channel 9

TONIGHT on Big Brother, Lawson makes a shocking confession.

The 23-year-old admits to cheating on his long-term girlfriend with fellow housemate Cat.

At the conclusion of Sunday night’s episode viewers were left with the bombshell that the pair had kissed while spending the night in the Sanctuary together.

Tonight the magician breaks down in the Diary Room after watching secret footage of his sleepover with the 31-year-old divorcee.

Cheating scandal

“I wanted to make my mum proud, I’ve let her down Big Brother, I’ve let everyone down,” Lawson says of his mother who passed away when he was 19.

“Mum once said to me that I self-destruct my relationships ... I feel like I’ve self-destructed my life Big Brother.

“I’m embarrassed.”

Undoubtedly watching from home, news.com.au has learnt that Lawson’s partner of five years, Candice Leeder, has been forced to shut down her social media profiles after Sunday night’s cringe-worthy episode aired.


Lawson tears up in the Diary Room after seeing footage of himself and Cat. Source: Channel 9

This kiss came after Cat was named the new Head Of House and chose Lawson to join her in the luxurious suite. The pair shared a bath together before hopping into the same bed and disappearing under the covers.

“Where are you planning on sleeping?” Cat asked Lawson, adding, “you’re welcome to sleep on the other side of the bed.”

While it’s unlikely viewers will ever know what really went down in the private room due to Big Brother’s PG rating, the promo leaves little doubt that it was something more sinister than a smooch.


Lawson and Cat are faced with a huge decision that will affect everyone. Source: Channel 9

Tonight Big Brother will hand Cat her Power Play, presenting her with two DVDs, one marked “Big Brother’s Secret” with footage of all housemate nominations. The other is marked “Your Secret” and contains the footage from Cat and Lawson’s night together.
Cat is permitted to watch Big Brother’s secret, but only if she allows the rest of the house to watch hers. As the vision also features Lawson, he is called to the Power Room to make the decision with Cat.


Hard to watch ... Cat and Lawson frolicked in the pool together. Source: Channel 9

Just last week, Cat revealed her true feelings towards Lawson but the pair made the call to remain friends as her love interest was already taken.

The Melbourne midwife cried as she told the magic man: “I genuinely have feelings for you ... Not friendship feelings. Real feelings for you.

”It’s really hard for me because of the situation that you’re in, and I want to be completely respectful of that but I find I have to pull away and not be around you as much as I would like to be,” she added.


The pair watch themselves cuddling while sharing a bed in the Sanctuary. Source: Channel 9

Despite his partner on the outside, Lawson responded: “If you think you are alone in what you are feeling, then you are wrong. I feel exactly the same way,” but added that taking things further was “not a possibility”.

This didn’t last long. Both are two of this year’s more likable housemates but it will be interesting to see how long they last in the house now.


Cat cringes as she watched herself in the secret footage. Source: Channel 9

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