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Dance Thread


Flash mobs, I want to see one, I want to take part in one

Dance is joy, humans in harmony, and that's why nasty cults & fascists ban it



WE’VE all seen that dude on the dancefloor — the one with the best moves, making it look easy. The dude who gets the girls.

Turns out that’s even more important in the flamingo world, where dinner and conversation don’t matter: it’s your dance moves that get the chicks.

A recent study has revealed flamingos with the biggest repertoire are the most successful in finding a mate. And it’s not just the big moves, it’s the ability to string them together that also matters.

Serial monogamists, to a point — they pair up for a year, agree to a mutual separation, then head out each mating season to find a new mate — flamingos invest annually in the dance of love.

Like those early high school discos, it starts with the blokes rushing around in a group, before bravado kicks in, and those with the most talent start showing off to stand out from the crowd — preening, wing-spreading, dramatically dipping heads and beaks and shaking their butts in the air like they just don’t care, all in the hope a female will notice.

....some flamingo blokes acquired new mates easily, while others were left shuffling solo, researchers unravelled the complicated dance.

They found good dancers with smooth moves won out, mostly with a female who could equally get her groove on.
some flamingo blokes acquired new mates easily, while others were left shuffling solo, researchers unravelled the complicated dance.

They found good dancers with smooth moves won out, mostly with a female who could equally get her groove on.


The flamingos’ favourite moves included:

Head flagging: Walking with the neck stretched out, waving the head from side-to-side (far more impressive than head-nodding at the bar).

Preening: Fluffing the feathers — the bird equivalent of playing with your hair.

False Feeding: dipping their beak into water, then snatching it back up fast. Maybe don’t try this in a nightclub, security will think you’re drunk.

Wing salute: Opening the wings wide to display a flash of colour. Thing more “look at me” than flasher.




This is how I want to remember Debbie Reynolds. Holding her own with two of the greatest dancers in history.

The story goes that Gene Kelly (on the right) was a cruel tyrant on the set of "Singin' in the Rain" and demanded the cast perform and record until 3:00 in the morning. Debbie Reynolds could tap dance but not as well as he or Donald O'Connor, and Kelly unleashed Hell on her until she broke down and started crying. Then he stormed off the set. Fred Astaire himself, possibly the greatest dancer ever, happened to walk onto the set, found Reynolds crying under a piano, and when she told him why, he showed her some moves. When Kelly returned and they began recording "Good Mornin'," he frowned as Reynolds began dancing much better and asked, "Did you just watch a bunch of Fred Astaire movies?" When they wrapped this scene, Reynolds had to be carried back to her trailer, and when she took her extremely uncomfortable shoes off found that she had broken multiple capillaries in her dark red, swollen feet. "Good Mornin'":
Here's Fred Astaire on the fucking ceiling:
My God, movies really are something once in a while. Fuck it. Second FP Edit: Here's James Cagney walking down the stairs:
You know what? Hell with it. Third FP edit: Here's the Nicholas Brothers doing what Fred Astaire called the greatest dance he'd ever seen:



Aside from tappin’ away in the Christmas Spectacular (like in the number “12 Days of Christmas”), we love to dance on and off the stage. So why do we love this form of dance so much? Let us count the ways!

1. Anyone can tap dance. Tap dance can be adapted for any age or fitness level. There’s tap dance classes for everyone out there; young children, senior citizens and absolutely everyone in between.

2. Tap dancers are part of a long line. Not just the kind of lines you’ll see at the Christmas Spectacular. Tap boasts a long line of legendary performers like Bill Robinson, who pass down their dance skills and stories to the next generation. Great respect for elder teachers and tap dance history has kept the tap legacy alive.

3. Tap dance is the music and the main attraction. When you learn tap dance you become both a musician and a dancer, tapping (ha!) into your inner rhythm and improving your sense for finding the beat and pattern in music.

4. Tap dance is community. Though it isn’t usually done with a partner, tap dance is very social. Friendly competition and conversation of sound are how tap dancers share and learn new skills. And it’s a conversation that’s happening in all corners of the world.

5. Tap dance is noisy. It doesn’t matter how old you are, making noise just feels good. Tapping is a release that is actually great for improving emotional health and self-confidence. Tap dance gives an outlet for expression to those, like seniors or children at risk, who may not typically have a voice.

6. Tap dance is fun fitness. Once you learn the basics, tap dance choreography is an aerobic activity. Practice three times a week and you’ll see the cardiovascular (heart-healthy) benefit of tap dance. Plus, it’s a super-fun way to tone your legs and bottom.

7. Tap dance makes you smarter. Tap steps are complex. Learning, practicing, and putting them together is great exercise for your brain, and we all know brain exercise could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in the long-run.

8. Tap dance improves balance. Tap dancing requires a lot of weight shift. This improves your balance, coordination and core control, which means better posture, less back pain and less chance of injury from tripping or falling.

9. Tap dance goes anywhere and everywhere. We mentioned tap dance is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s also a dance form that can be performed pretty much anywhere: from the steps of a large cathedral to the smallest spaces imaginable.

10. Tap dance is entertaining. Tap dance makes people—performers and the audience—smile. It’s definitely one of our favorite forms of entertainment.


MELBOURNE HAS HEAPS OF FREE DANCING IN SUMMER - LATIN HERE........also running belly dancing, & swing dancing around melbourne. Your city probably does too????

Get your feet moving and your hips swinging with Fed Square’s Latin Dance classes!

Professional dancers from the Melbourne Latin Festival will introduce you to a range of Latin dances including Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Samba, Cha Cha, Argentine Tango and more.

Come along for a great summer dance workout or just sit back and relax listening to the sultry Latin beats.

No partners or experience required.

St Paul's Court, Federation Square
Corner Swanston St & Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Date and Time:
20 January 2017 - 31 March 2017 | Fortnightly | Fridays | 6pm - 7pm

Free to attend.

Who should attend:
This event is mostly suited for adults.

How to get there:
To see the public transport options available, visit Public Transport Victoria.