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Starts 7pm, 9, 23 Sunday May

With a good looking cast, and better mogul Alan Sugar, should be fun
Dumped the Aussie boring boss guy, for far mor entertaining and compelling Sugar
Should be a good laugh, especially David stabbing poxy Michelle Bridges-any reality will do-in the back
See tv tonight for more info...


Yeah, Nah.
Looking forward to this, but don't share your enthusiasm for Lord Sugar.
Would much rather an Aussie businessman/woman to head it up.
Keen either way to see it play out!


This Sunday yeah
And new promo shows a good twist, juice Janine starts out as a spy
Interested to see her interact with David


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I think Gina Liano would be a good choice as an advisor for the show.

Andrea Moss would be a good advisor given she is a business owner.



Yeah, Nah.
Does Trump get royalties from this? If I was going to watch it I wouldn't if so. Ha!
Not sure if he still does? Or if he does for the Australian version, but check out those $$$



I know I'm almost alone in this (apart from @Medusa ) but I'm here for Anthony Callea.
He gives great RTV
Liking a lot of the cast, and some to hate on
Watching the Block woman coping with being judged, and Bridges get stabbed in the back will be awesome
Ross Noble I hope works with David, love both
Veronica’s having tantrums

I consider Sugar to be the best I have seen in the boss rolle
Aussie guy sucked, so did Trump and Annie
Sugar just feels more like an actual boss, and he doesn’t muck around, much tougher persona