Celebrities you would like to see in the jungle


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I can almost guarantee that Ten will try to get Sophie Monk on the next season after the announcement of her being this year's bachelorette!

What a joke, her being the bachelorette.

Someone should tell her, her 15 mins of fame expired years ago.

How many reality shows has she now been on.

Sophia Alice

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I would acquaint the Australian gathering of people with Gillian McKeith. Reasonably, do you think we have any possibility of getting Janice Dickinson to give it a third go?


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I wish they would put Alan Jones in the jungle. Not the I'm a Celeb jungle, but one of those nasty jungles from Naked and Afraid, with venomous snakes and spiders and 10 foot crocs/gators. And just leave him there. And if he could take Tony Abbott, Peter Dutton, Corgi Barnyardi and Lyle Shelton that would be a bonus too.